Low poly modeling

I’d rather see this in a different app that shares data and file types with Nomad Sculpt. Nomad Modeler or something. That way, Nomad can stay nice and sharp as a sculpting solution, and Modeler could be optimized for it’s purpose as well. (this is also where the much requested UV tools and painter should live)


+1 for basic low-poly tools. A few tools like Extrude, bevel, etc go a long way.


+1 to this. Whether in Nomad or in an separate app that easily communicates with Nomad.

Very much needed and will be very welcome as there is not such a things as a 3D topology, quad non CAD 3D modeller tool in oOad at all.

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I use combination of this program’s on Android OS:
Nomad Sculpt + Spacedraw(lowpoly) , Prisma3dHax and ScetchBook for some operations…

Thanks for that!
Sadly those apps are not available for IOS at the moment for what I see…

Forger and an app called 3d modeling have low poly modeling on iPad OS.

Thank you. I will check out. :slight_smile:

Still I think we could agree that even if it a lot to ask, it would be great anyway having low poly tools available at Nomad.

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Hello. Low poly operations also require suitable software, easy to use, and can give the exact models you want. For this, I recommend you use SelfCAD. You can check this video to see how to create low poly models in SelfCAD. The best low poly modeling software. Tips for box and polygon modeling - YouTube
SelfCAD is both suitable for beginners and experts.

Excuse me, which format is better to save the product.?

Make an iPad version with good pencil support and touch gestures.

Depends on where you want to open the file.
Obj keeps quad but otherwise glTF should be the preferred solution.
If you only want to transfer between Nomad apps then use “nom” format.

low poly and retopology would be awesomoe… also a timeline to record… at least a layer timeline…