Polygonal modeling

Is there an intention to add polygonal modeling tools? If it is possible, do we have any predictions? I would really like it if there was extrude and insert edge loop.One thing I miss in nomad is being able to make a light mesh, visualize it with many polygons and be able to edit its base by inserting edges


i love that idea so we can model freely and precisely and we can make complex shapes without making too much polygons and when detailing our model its faster than creating a new object then placing where it need to be then merging. With this we can just extrude or manipulate the topology efficiently :smile:

I hope this gets added

Please add simple poly modelling. Vertex, edge, polygon, element. For tubes, for example, an edit poly modifier could work.

I believe stephomi has stated that there is no plan to ever add such functionality to nomad sculpt on an older feature request for the same stuff.

Oh that is a shame. It would become so powerful. Must be the amount of calculations?

Take a look at Valence 3D if you have an iPad.


wow. That looks like exaxtly the thing I need

I think it has more to do with the amount of work it would require and it being out of the scope that the developer has in mind. With the addition of facegroups and quad remesher there’s no doubt that nomad is superior to most sculpting apps on mobile but I don’t think Stephane has any intention on making it a poly modeling software as well: my guess is also that it would require significant reworking of existing systems, but really who knows.

It is a good APP, thanks!