Selection and Precise Sculpting Tools

First of all, I just want to say NomadSculpt is an absolutely AMAZING program. It completely floors me that this was built by one man. The mirror tools, sculpting, etc. are so intuitive. I LOVE THIS PROGRAM and would easily pay 5x the current price for this wonderful app!

With that said, one area I hit some walls with was low-poly/precision modeling. These are bread and butter tools for more traditional, low poly sculpting to make tactical edits to get sharp details without extremely high poly counts.

  1. Selection tools: Currently I use Select Mask>Invert all the time (I notice many tutorials do this too). Would be great to directly select a Face, Edge, or Vertex without having to invert mask.

Maya, Blender, and SplineDesign do this very well. This would allow users to select a face, edge, or vertex to then precisely move with the Move tool and also…

  1. Extrude/Inset - option to extrude a face, edge, or vertex. Essential for low poly modeling. As far as I can tell theres no option for this in Nomad

  2. Insert edge loop - another essential for low poly modeling and defining crisp edges and details

  3. Merge vertex tool - Would be absolutely amazing if you could select and merge vertices or click and drag two vertices to fuse, similar to Maya, Blender, etc.

  4. Bevel - another tool from Maya that is useful for smoothing edges while preserving details

  5. Delete ege, vertex, or face

One final thing I’d suggest looking into is a UserVoice account.
This would allow customers not only to submit features, but also to upvote features and prevent duplicate requests. Most popular feature requests would naturally rise to the top, and save a lot of time in prioritizing :wink:


Too bad it doesn’t work well on the iPad, I’ve been testing it and I had something similar in mind.
Right now I still have a lot on my plates before diving in a potential poly tool but I’ve been thinking about it.
I prefer to polish things first rather than feature creeping stuffs that doesn’t work well.

I don’t want features request anymore, if I could I would lock this category (but I don’t think I can without closing all the posts).

I already read or listen to what people says in this forum, discord, twitter, instagram, facebook group.
Triaging only according to a single channel would add an important bias.
Note that it might be specific to Nomad, being a 15$ mobile app, I’m not sure I would say the same thing with a much bigger company or way more advanced product (I think it makes sense in blender’s case for example)

Also I don’t even follow my own feature roadmap… so there’s even less chance that I would follow others.


Take it easy Stephomi one thing at the time. In Japan they say take a refresh holiday :wink:

Dude, port this app to Mac and I’d happily pay £150 for it! Just dropped £4k on new Mac Studio so I’d be able to do more comprehensive 3D and Maxon have just ruined my workflow with zbrush/keyshot changes so I’d much rather fund your endeavour over a corporate acquisition factory

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