Low poly modeling

Would it be possible to add some low poly modeling tools to be able to easily build a base when you want to do hard surface. thank you


You can check my video on YouTube
Regarding this subject.
There is also videos about hard surface on nomad sculpt.

Nomad sculpt Low poly series part 1


Traditional low poly modelling is not planned for now, but I’d like to add tools that could help with hard surface.
For example a tube/curve tool, a polish tool, etc


Yes I am not asking for a super complete low poly section but a few tools there is one that could help everyone is the possibility in low poly to add stops for thicknesses for example like the crease function of zbrush. Because I have well modeled plates or armor like epaulettes but even if I put in “flat” subdivision the edges are well saved but suddenly the rest of the object is not smooth especially if you start in low poly. I keep saying you have already done a wonderful job but your application is very likely to become the procreate of the iPad.

Oui je ne demande pas une section super complète de low poly mais quelques outils y en a un qui pourrait aider tout le monde c’est la possibilité en low poly d’ajouter des arretes pour les épaisseurs par exemple comme la fonction crease de zbrush. Parce que j’ai bien modéliser des plaques ou des armures genre épaulettes mais même si je mets en subdivision « flat » les arrêtes sont bien sauvegardées mais du coup le reste de l’objet n’est pas lisse surtout si on a commencer en low poly. Je continue à le dire vous avez déjà fait un boulot merveilleux mais votre application risque fort de de venir le procreate de l’iPad.

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I found a solution that I hope is temporary but hey it may help in my case for the hard surface. I use shapr3d in the free version (too bad this application is terribly expensive for non-professionals) it already allows a bit of a good base. Low poly to have nice edges in nomad

J’ai trouvé une solution que j’espère temporaire mais bon ça peu aider dans mon cas pour le hard surface. J’utilise shapr3d en version gratuite (dommage que cette application est terriblement cher pour les non pro) ca permet déjà un peu de faire une bonne base.low poly pour avoir de belles arrêtes dans nomad.

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Nomad sculpt + onshape = unlimited power !!!

I can see the power of using onshape alongside Nomad - which file format are you using? I’m testing the free version of Onshape and it only exports to GLTF for free & not to OBJ. the file that it creates seems to crash Nomad (& Sketch 3d for that matter) so is there any trick to get Onshape into Nomad? Thanks.

Yes gtlf crash nomad but free version can export in stl or obj.

Thanks man, I needed to scroll the export window upwards to see the export button for OBJ. The interface doesn’t give you any clue that there is something else below.

The gltf crash was indeed an issue with Nomad, it’s getting fixed for the next release.


Yes Onshape is very special compared to classic 3d software like 3dsmax or maya. I advise you to follow some tutorials on youtube I tried yesterday and I was able to find a good balance to import the object into Nomad Sculpt and add details without having too many artifacts.

BUT THERE IS A CONCERN with the * .Obj that come from Onshape, all parts of the same object (even a cylinder beast or the two capes and the body will be divided into several objects) are separated on arrival in nomad result it is necessary to merge the whole but the concern is that the soldering between the parts is not done and if we make voxel merge then we get an object not very pretty and often the holes are blocked. So the solution for now is to use the Dynamesh.

I don’t think that low poly tools are necessary but rather good tools in addition to make hard surface without artefacts

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Have you ever played around with triplanar objects and low resoulution?
I would not say it’s best ever, or an replacement, but the results surprised me.

Smoothness to 0, resolution in those tests were 8 or 12…

After validate, you can mask parts and transform and remesh with settings to subdivision, and resolution to same like rptriplanar. The risk of tris is increasing though.

Depending on your object, you can even try to convert it back to triplanar by pressing three dots beside object in scene and choose convert. Didn’t work well so far here. A bit dangerous. Better duplicate before. Beware, that a duplicated triplanar object before validation can be lost after a while due some, for me, unknown reasons.

I am still playing around. No luck with split tools so far. Flatten brush with “lock plane” active can help sometimes. Vertices can be moved with tiny drag brush.
As said, maybe more fun than a real solution, but in some cases it could be enough.


I noticed that Onshape import splits the object into lots of different shapes - if you vowel merge then holes are filled, which isn’t good, but I suppose that you can keep in the objects separated and work on them in Nomad. Alternatively, the onshape objects can be Simple merged and used as hard surface objects within nomad, to add to the nomad model rather than trying to re-sculpt them.

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@Bezzo @knacki wait a few hours, I’ll show you a solution that I discovered by chance 10 minutes ago, but I’ll do the video sometime. patience;)

I will be doing another post today because I realize that I am deviating on another topic. I was looking to do low poly to be able to do hard surface by subdividing. But since then I have the other technique to show you a while ago.

@knacki that looks like a great alternative to make the start of a Low Poly object. I’ll have a play around with that.
@Costorella_Stefano sounds good - I hadn’t used onshape before you mentioned it to me, and it’s a really useful solution for making hard surfaces. I look forward to seeing another solution that you’ve come up with :slight_smile:

Importing gltf from onShape should now work on the latest Nomad version.


Thanks Stephane, awesome additions & fixes in your updates as usual!

Yesterday i spent my time on onshape for simple bend ring impossible to make that so i made a decision lol. I will continue to use 3dsmax
to make my hard surface basic shapes,
too bad I wanted to do everything on ipad but onshape is so unintuitive that it disgusted me. and then I only create
at home so I will use all the means I have to do things and not
break my head for something that
takes 3 minutes on 3dsmax. so my new combination is 3dsmax / nomad sculpt for now. :slight_smile:

Onshape is an cad app, not what you want.
Nurbs kind of modelling does not care about topology. Therefore it can give awesome result where poly modelling struggles. Anyway, a poly modeller is mostly more suitable.
I tried Onshape, it really takes time to get in, but I am not used to nurbs modelling as well. Once you know philosophy, you can do crazy things, but not perfect for Nomad.
The ideal low poly mesh for Nomad is detailed enough to keep subdivisions and low poly enough to do main deformations in lower subdivision.

So sad, I was really hoping for a box modelling tool for iPad- but I won’t think it will replace 3Ds max or other full professional modeller. 3Ds Max is way to complex, stack modifier way to cool.

Any online poly modeller which could make sense? Sketchup is not that cool, topology was bad those days I used to play around with it.
Anything else online?

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