Some Nomad doodles

Haven´t really posted any artwork i´ve done with Nomad. So here´s couple recent doodles. Very hard to find stuff to complain about software itself, very pleasant to work on. :muscle:


This is serious work. Love it!


the visor is magnificent, quickly quickly the management of refraction to make it even better.

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Really nice work!

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Thanks! It´s pretty sweet to work on pbr shading at the same time when sculpting. Pretty good software for just quickly developing good lookdev for your bigger projects. :smiley:

Very cool!

New sketch with latest version (1.42) I really like depth masking for painting and ability to just paint color, roughness or metalness.


Cool, your sculpts are great. Just downloaded new version. Can’t wait to check it out.

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Very impressive. I defo need that iPad Pro now!

where is and what is depth masking please ?

what i mean is Depth filtering on brush settings. You can toggle it to cavities or curvature based on depth of surface. Basically masks parts of mesh based on that preset but don´t work on masking brush. Only on paint for now.


Ah ok, in paint tool i know. Maybe in mask tool one day.

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File_001 File_000 (2) Latest stuff. This model streched my ipad pro(2018) to it´s limits but managed to grab some screenshots :slight_smile:


This is massive! Love it.
You are doing great stuff.

For painting only, 4GB of Ram have been OK for me, but now everything seems to change…

Keep up the good work. You are an inspiration!

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Whoua, amazing!

Do you mean a change in Nomad?

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Use dynamic topo with décimation on low détail you win lot of mem. Use paint tools 0 intensity 0 paint color.

2 Likes - Google Drive Video from model. I think Ipad will be a legit platform for 3d modelling in future. When it just gets bit more memory. It´s so relaxing to just sculpt and paint without any technical stuff on the way. Exciting times!


i´ll test that out. Thanks for the tip!

This is nice works great! I´ll definitely use it on next model.

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No, I mean Nomad changes everything. 4 GB can be short soon. Better to have 6GB Ram or even more. Unfortunately C19 leaves a big hole in my wallet. So I’ll stick with my good old 10,5” iPad Pro and 4GB Ram for a while.

@sinis Remesh with decimation method and “protect mask area” can help reducing bigger areas at once while masking areas you want to keep dense mesh for detail.
Can help to reduce as well.
Dyntopo can get sticky when not much Ram left.