Only use IpadPro

Firts 3dcharacterdesign with my new #ipadpro 2021 with Nomadsculpt, Darkroom, Procreate.


Great sculpt, nice lighting. :+1:t2:

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Thanks Adam, your work is really good too

Lighting so cool​:+1::+1:

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Great painting - done in Nomad or added in Procreate? Especially the shaved head colouring :+1:t2:

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The piece is so amazing.

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painting and lighting are done in nomad, procreate I just used it for the signature, color grading in darkroom. thx :wink:

here are old works made with iPad pro 2019 nomadsculpt for sculpture and painting, except the robot with shapr3d. retouching procreate and for color grading darkroom.

inspired by @daveguertin

inspired by @mattdixonart

this last image was modeled in Shapr3D then the details sculpture and painting added in Nomad always same process of post production procreate and darkroom


Work in progress. Many sculptures and paintings to come for this model. I’m having so much fun with my iPad and nomadsculpt that I don’t feel like switching to a computer anymore.


small update in the morning, I’m not really satisfied on the whole, but I’ll stop here, I may come back later. I would be happy to have your feedback anyway, it could help me to improve what I don’t see.

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