Sculpted joy

This app is so much fun!


Using one of my first crap sculpt to test lights and render settings. Really interesting and fun. See progress from left top to right down. I couldn’t understand all. Lights can be moved, but only rotation seems to have an effect. But such a cool unexpected render on an iPad, where in zBrush I would need ages. (Well compared time I spent with PBR to get a result far away from this one…) Very nice!!


Is there a special way to move lights around? It seems like I can add a ight to my scene, but that it’s are stuck there, even when I try to drag the arrow attached to it. Am I just missing something simple? :confused:

@HonkHonkVroomVroom Took me a moment to figure that one out too. Just go to the tab that knacki shows in the picture and tap on the newly created light and it will bring up a gizmo on that light to move it around.

The light gizmo has a center point and rotating arcs. But moving didn’t made any difference, only rotating. The light right of “head” lights left side.

I still do not understand everything, as I am new, but it’s totally fun anyway…on an iPad!!!

Yes the lights are currently directional lights (also known as sun or sky light).
So only their direction matters, not the position.

But I’ll probably add spot light as well in the future, in that case position will matters.

You can also click on the light directly in the viewport, the simplified gizmo will appear.

Thanks for the quick replies, guys! I’ll try that out once I am home. :slight_smile:

Understood. It was just a tiny bit confusing to move lights without any effect. Spot light? I was never even dreaming of this!

Here is my setup. White light is casting shadow, red & cyan for rim. Slightly hdri for ambient and more reflections. (Tiny sphere is chrome but dark due to low environment intensity) One can also activate light in menu by taping on little coloured square. Rotate all including environment with three finger drag.
But one can fix lights to cam as one can do with hdri. This is quite cool as you can rotate view but rim lights won’t change :vulcan_salute:

Ah yes. Background is a soft bend plane, as usual.
Oh, Ambient occlusion is on as well. Try reflections. It can cause some madness, but when working it’s another step ahead.
All post effects, specially bloom can need an on/off time by time.
Ups and material preview is dark when environment is on low intensity. To get correct preview back, put hdri on 1 intensity and then change a bit on material parameters.

I changed a bit with my light setup. All rim lights a pointing upwards now. This way the floor shadows and AO is not brighten up.


Started on my iPhone and went a bit crazy.
Aussie Soldier WIP


Just made a gear with new clone function inspired by @SporkFuMaster .

Plane was made for grid centre lines only. This way pivot point could be centred to world. The limited gizmo is not showing centre point properly, as moving arrow is stopping at centre ball outer side not in centre point. A one click option would be fine. Centre to world.
Same as angle snapping for rotation, snapping to grid and numerical input for rotation with pivot centred. Numerical input gave some strange results so I just rotated everything by hand. Orientation was wireframe. So no precise work. This gear would never run nicely. But fun to explore Nomads possibilities.


Eye for a new bust.


WOAW, paint in nomad ???

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Pure Nomad! :smiley:

I just skipped the eyeballs veins as I had to increase resolution very much to paint fine veins. Too much to implement in a bust maybe.


Eyes implemented in WIP bust. And old drawing of mine gets a third dimension.


Cool work!

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Nicely done. Love the eyes!

Thanks guys!
Some quick fun.


He looks like a fun guy…(i’ll see myself out)


Did u use pbr or matcap?
Is look so realistic .
Awesome work man!

Thank you!
PBR and extra lights. At the beginning of my thread you can see some light tests.