Sculpted joy

A bit of tweaking Nomad render.


Some more…phhh all on tiny iPad and still no paint job.


Looks good without paint tbh. :+1:t2: :astonished:

Call it done…Maybe a pipe would fit? :flushed: :sunglasses: Maybe not
done :rofl:

EDIT…a pipe was needed and some more tweaking. See final thread here:


Some fun sketch for testing my new Matcap. Here with AO

The final matcap


What is Ao stand for?

Ambient Occlusion

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With the new spot lights, it’s really easy to make new MatCap spheres for Nomad…using nomad. It’s a bit weird though as you set up a scene and render out a matcap sphere, import it and switch the view to matcap…and nothing changes :slight_smile:


Pfff, terrible that I didn’t get this trick. Then it is even easier than using MaCrea specially as one can do the background in fitting color with ease. Thanks!


I have to come clean and admit that I only thought about doing this when you just posted that MatCap :grinning:
I made one straight away that was very similar to the one you made. It’s matcapception…a matcap within a matcap within a matcap :metal:
You need to delete the new project sphere and use a UV sphere as that one is property spherical & not a reprojected cube.


Little fun with self made matcaps and layer blending.

No painting!

When your sculpt is watching you critically all the time :rofl:


How did you setup the eyes to always aim at the camera? Still within nomad?

Yes, it’s all Matcaps, no PBR, look:

That’s the trick. Uncheck “use global Matcap”
Now use can assign matcaps per object.
You can use almost any eye texture.

Eye texture image search
Just the Iris should not be to big otherwise it would fill complete eyeball.
That’s how we did it in good old Sculptris days.


That’s really nice, and just today i thought about eyes too. I want try to make one, realistic eyes not anime. But not sure will it work or not.

Very cool. Thanks!!

Sure! The one I used for the mushroom and the elf was entirely done in Nomad. I just didn’t paint any veins, as this would have needed high subdivision on eyeballs. If poly number doesn’t count, you can go very realistic.

Playing with PBR options for Iris and with light can give it an extra kick as well. But only Matcap eyes are always looking at you. I made a Matcap from my sculpted I as well :relaxed:


Well I was thinking using alpha and some layer. well i will be using color but single stroke.
It just randomly thought about the method. not sure with the result cause make realistic eyes is something i never try :smile:
Im target each eyes around 200k-300k. :thinking:

As for eyes that can see, like seeing us i did once with my anime the file that i cant open lol. I will using that method for realistic eyes too. :smile:

270k :wink:


Nice :+1: mine probably will go over i will do later. If mine still looks like anime i will just stick with

I started with an alpha as well, but find me sculpting everything again. Good luck,