Apple project (new)

Hello guys ! I’m new here I wanna show you my first sculpt in nomad
It’s based on Ilya Kuvshinov’s drawing
If you have time check out her work, she’s amazing love her style
If you have some feedback I will really appreciate that


First sculpt in Nomad but you’ve obviously sculpted on Blender / Zbrush before.
Very nice. Especially love the eyes.

Really nice work!Well done!
Can I ask how did you set the lighting & HDR for this work in Nomad Sculpt?

Yes you’re absolutly right ! I’m a 3d artist, I already know zbrush, 3dsmax and others soft
It’s my first try on nomad sculpt and i love it so much ! Thanks for complimented me !

Thank you so much ! And no there’s no lighting set I only do all the texture in matcap mode, the reflect in the eyes and in the hair are all created by the texture !

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Very nice sculpt, love her eyes!

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Great work! I love how you did the texturing utilizing the matcaps rather than lighting the scene. How long did this piece take you to make?

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Thank you so much for your lovely comment ! It took me 1 week to do the sculpt and 1 week for the texture