'Light rays'

Forgive the thestrics on this vid, i couldn’t resist :wink:

So this started with a question on Youtube, “can you do the light rays?”.

Although I had never intended to do this for the original piece as my focus was on sculpting the box, I thought I’d have a go.

I thought originally before I started that I’d use boxes for the beams of light, but then I thought the other sides of the boxes would be an issue for me when I made them transparent. So I felt a plane was the best way to go.

I set the planes up on an angle that matched my light position and then played with the materials in Nomad. I experimented with ‘dithering’, ‘adaptive’ & ‘blending’ in a trail and error fashion and kept adjusting the opacity till I found a look I liked.

An additional touch I made to the beams was to duplicate the planes and shrink them down, the aim being to created a ‘brighter glow’ within the beam that would fade at the edges. This I feel worked as the depth of field setting helped with the blur.

The final element was placing a plane behind the break in the wall and setting its material to ‘refraction’. I then painted it glossy and applied a ‘bloom’ in the post processing.

Then end result. well I’m pretty pleased with it. Perhaps more so than the original.


Nice work Gary. The spotlight can naturally create light rays if you shine it through a highly refractive plane. The rays above my Eva unit are entirely natural. Just thought I’d drop this in, I equally was wondering at one point if this was doable. Loving your work dude :ok_hand:


Cheers for that John :smiley:

That’s interesting, ill have to toy with that i think.

Am i right in thinking, plane face down …spot lights above pointing down ?

That though woildnt have worked with the ‘Hellraiser lighting’ which has that specific solid beam look.

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Any angle it’ll work dude, it splits the light into its individual colour spectrums - whilst it’s not the solid beam look (that has to be made/stylised like your excellent example) - it’s more highlighting that it’s doable to an extent. If the beams actually shine onto an object, it creates a rainbow effect - so not quite the same, but, can do rainbows lol :joy:

Pinhead with rainbows … not seeing it really :stuck_out_tongue:

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Can‘t get this working?

Cant get my beams or John’s spotlights ?

Spotlights, sorry. Geometry beams is possible.

Ah … haven’t tried them myself yet either.

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Sorry haven’t responded yet bud, takes me awhile to catch up on everything at the moment. I’ll dig out the Nomad scene and see what exactly was causing it soon, I know this particular scene was pretty insane with effects. I actually remember having the model inside of a pill shaped object, which was set to refraction and the camera aiming inside of it and light shining through the exterior and into the model inside.

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Thanks for the response. Sounds very complex :laughing:

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It was hectic trying to get the camera to view from inside lol, its worth experimenting with though (shoving the main sculpt inside a refractive primitive and viewing it from inside with lighting going through) - get some insane renders :grin:

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