Issue refracting honey within a transparent jar. Can’t see honey through the jar

Hey everyone, I’ve been following this Youtube tutorial showing how to make a honey jar in Nomad Sculpt:

I used refraction to make the jar clear and that is fine. However when I add honey in the jar and use refraction on the honey to give it a glossing and translucent effect, it disappears. It’s as if the the jar stops becoming see through. Below is the image showing the issue:

Any ideas? I followed the tutorial step by step. Been trying for days to get the honey to show through the jar but cannot seem to. I’m puzzled at how the person in the youtube tutorial achieved this.

Any help would be appreciated :pray:

Could it be reflecting the background? Would turning down the reflectance in the material down help?

Or also try adjusting the IOR of the jar

Thank you so much for your reply. I tried both adjusting the IOR and reflection but still can’t seem to get it to be transparent when the honey is refracted.

Here’s an image, When the honey is in the ‘opaque’ setting in materials, I can see it through the glass jar. However when I change the honey to ‘refraction’, it doesnt show through the clear jar. I had a play with the IOR but no luck.

Haven’t watched the video, but I did try making a glass of water with a spoon and ice cubes, I just changed the colour of the water to see what would happen and you can see it’s brown now, it will disappear if I tilt the view though, both the glass and liquid are set to refraction one slightly higher than the ither

Thank you for the reply. This is exactly what I’m trying to achieve. I tried adjusting the refraction but still no luck. How did you manage to get the water to show through the glass?

Multiple refracted material can’t really work in real-time.

I think I changed a few things for the incoming release but ultimately it’s best to limit it to “one refracted material that only refracts opaque stuffs”

You can try playing with culling, single sided or the “absorption” parameter to change the logic.

Okay thank you. That makes sense. Do you have any idea how the person in the video was able to achieve the honey appearing through the glass?

It’s just random luck.

The main issue with transparency is it’s order dependent: it depends on which object is rendered first.
The order depends on which object is the closest to the camera, so by tilting the camera you can make it “work” (or rather less buggy).

You can also push the liquid backward/forward to trigger the sort change (the sorting is using each object’s center).


Thank you so much for the explanation :pray:

Hi, I carefully watched the video. If you look right before he starts playing with the lights, even though the honey in the jar is set to refractive, it is definitely still pretty opaque. He then spends quite a bit of time adjusting the light reflections and post-processing to create an illusion of refractivity based on reflections. I don’t think he ever got refraction actually working for the honey in the sense that you are asking about.

That makes a lot of sense. I also just rewatched the video to have a look. Thank you so much for your reply! :pray: