About transparent background and material

I made a refractive material, but when the transparent background is selected for rendering, the refractive transparent background becomes black, how can I get a transparent PNG with the correct alpha channel?

In the absence of substance there is nothing, a.k.a. black

If you want something other than Black you need to put something there. So either a color plane, color background while leaving the transparent background unchecked, or something else.

PNG cannot support refraction, use another transparency mode.

Thanks for your answer, I wanted to have certain parts appear as glass in the PNG and then composite it with a different background in other programs so it can’t be a specific color or something, now I’m using blending to simulate it and the results seem to be ok.

Thank you very much, you reminded me to use blending to get the desired effect, thanks!

Now I can match different backgrounds in Procreate or PS or other programs with PNG

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