Insert PNG image with alpha

This isn’t a sculpting feature, but there is a lot you can do with an image plane that supports png transparency. Perhaps an “insert image” button would be good to add, where you can insert png images with an alpha channel.

Even be better would be if you can set it to face the camera or not when rotating around.

If you texture the plane black first then texture a png on, it will have transparency

Only if additive material is chosen, which is transparent.
Not the same, or did I miss something?

No you can just use blending, paint it black no diffuse/metal, than pop a texture over it with an alpha background, should work.

Painting textures in nomad is still not the greatest. I have to use a grab brush which doesn’t allow precise placement, and I have to have a high poly mesh for the quality to be where I want it, unless I’m doing something wrong. This is using additive.

Give me a moment. Just having a play. Done it before the way I mentioned, just trying to replicate it.

I’ll have to explore the black texture again, couldn’t quite replicate it. In the mean time, plane with 1m vertices, blending, colour match the background and tick always unlit. Black texture can enduce mesh transparency under the right settings though, I’ve done it a few sculpts.

I can‘t follow, I can‘t replicate :pensive:
Blending material is never transparent, no matter what I try.

The textures get slow when you have to push the polys that high.

Nomad Sculpt - Color Transparency - Paint Transparent - Transparent PNG - YouTube This is what I was on about, Holger (the person doing the video) went through it really well, I discovered this method by accident around the same time.

I don’t get any slowdowns, but depends what’s available for RAM at the time and how high quality you want the texture. Can always decimate it a little.

Showed it somewhere in my thread as well. Done with additive not blending material.

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Ah, yes. Had to re-watch that. I stand corrected :+1: