Paint transparent Color / transparent PNG Tutorial

It is not perfect - but very useful!

Paint transparent. I have made a small tutorial for this.

Maybe you will like it.


Thankyou Holger, that trick has some great uses - smoke for example, or anything that requires “fluffy” or blurred edges - maybe even hair! There was somebody on the forum asking about transparency within image cards (which is an old method of using an image and a transparency map to add hair etc to models)
This will come in very handy!!

This “trick” with transparency offers a lot of possibilities - I can think of hundreds of things.
I’ve tested clouds, fire, fog, 2D interiors, grass, hair, etc. It works great!

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Here’s a quick test of fire I did since seeing your video :+1:t2:

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:grinning:Yes, I love that trick and tested it for a while. Would be wonderful to have real transparency though. This trick has it‘s limitations for sure. But fog & fire is so much fun.
Did you mention to paint black with roughness and metalness on 1?
This way it won‘t catch spot lights.

I have not found the trick for a long time either, there are quite a few things to try… :grinning:. The spotlight is also great…

There’s a lot to test - I’ve tried fire, too. Have fun!
If you find out something great please post it here.

Thanks Holger, I really enjoy your videos & have tried all of your tips & tricks. I like finding new & interesting ways to do things quickly / artfully / automatically in Nomad & have been experimenting with new techniques for a long time. I’m lazy though so haven’t put anything on video, but I like to help on Discord when I can. Are you on Discord? I think you’d be helpful over there if you’re not.