Transparency issue. It reflects light?

I am trying to create a hair card to save polys. Making a plane 0% opaque still leaves a reflection in displacement mode. I would like to paint hair onto a plane, leaving the surrounding area completely invisible. Please advise?

Check out glen Southern’s hair tutorials

He uses geometry for individual hairs, I want to use transparency, not just for hair but for leaves and other items that would be better for polygon count and can translate over to Maya and UE5

But there is no textures in Nomad, you can’t use textured card.

There is a way of converting the colours into textures via zbrush

Not possible and hair cards make no sense for Nomad in the moment.
One can’t paint opacity in Nomad.
One can’t use textures in Nomad.

Painting opacity, or different material (additive, dithering etc.) to one object could give some interesting options though.
But not for a hair card to save polys.

OK, no worries.