Unable to get transparency of material to show up in programs outside of Nomad Sculpt

Basically, I created an eyeball in Nomad Sculpt using a technique where I have a translucent sphere overlaid on top of another sphere. Here are example images. I created the transparent sphere by going into the “Material” menu and checking “Refraction” in Nomad. Now whenever I import my model in .glb format to e.g. Blender or Sketchfab, it shows up as an opaque sphere… I found a guide to turning on roughness and metalness but I’m totally stumped on how to get the transparency to show up as it does in Nomad.

The way Nomad handles its refractive material is pretty much unique to its own instructions - the only advice I could personally steer you in is to use the Glass BSDF node in Blender’s Shader and tweak those options instead. Hopefully someone else might have a better solution.