My Doodles

First i have to say that nomad is an absolute amazing program. The performance on my normal ipad is incredible. So much polygons an no slow down.

So this is my first full sculpt


Very cute!

That’s a great face!

Awesome first sculpt!


What i didn’t like is the hair. It looks a bit like plastic.

Here is an other doodle with improved hair. Not realy good but less plastic.

I‘m really looking forward for subsurface scattering. I hope it doesen’t melt my iPad. Perhaps a render option only for export?


Another great head!

Here is a try with a transparent surface.

I noticed that if two transparent geometries overlap the surface behind the front is rendered blank. So the cornea of the eyes is not rendered and have no reflections. Now they look a bit lifeless.
Without the glass helmet.

For me feet and legs are really hard to sculpt. Besides Boots and a comic look they tend to be a crumpled and blobby. The angles always seems to be a bit off. Besides that i was never interested in shoes or fashion :grin:


Very nice!

I know why it happens but I don’t have any fix for now.
I’ll update how transparency works at some point.

It’s a bit hacky but you can try merging the two objects, it might work better.
Note that usually you want to do the opposite (separate objects) for the transparency to work best.

That worked. I used simple merge and the reflexes on the cornea are back.


This alien looks unsafe with out full armor
Nice work .
I like the color .
Is matching …

Nice presentation :slight_smile:

I changed a few things concerning transparency in Nomad 1.41, so hopefully it won’t be necessary to merge the objects.
It’s far from perfect though (rendering real-time transparency never is).

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Wow that was a fast fix. Thank you for the constant improvements. Are you really only one person who is programming nomad?

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That’s a fun alien design!

I really like the renderer. Incredible it’s on a mobile device.
The only thing is that I don’t get good looking skin. It’s always a bit like plastic.


Wow . Your model so clean.
I wish one day i can sculpt like this.

It’s been a while since I posted anything.

Here is a simple attempt with light and bloom


Here is a more realistic attempt for a human head. The hair needs more work.
I really like to see the subsurface scattering Stephomi mentioned for future builds of nomad.


Ho WoW !! I really love how you do the lips !!! I’ve so much issues to do it correctly :sob:🤌

I found this Tutorials really helpful

They are for zbrush but working for nomad. To get a nice clean shape the crease tool in „positive“ mode is really helpful.

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Thank you so much !!! I keep it preciously ! :ok_hand: