Transparent surface

Is there any way of making surfaces transparent. Would be good for Sun glasses, windows and such.

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At the bottom of the Shading menu (sun icon), there’s an opacity slider.
It’s probably add other way to handle transparency in the future, for example by adding refraction,

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Or painting transparency? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you so much… I can’t believe I missed that!

Thank you… I will try that too.

Amazing! I didn’t realise this either.

Oh no- sorry. Painting transparency was meant to be a little request for Stephane. It’s not available so far as I know. Only transparency per object - but this solves a lot of situations already.

Sorry for misleading

Painting transparency would be a huge step forward, painting hair, tree leaves etc … I am also looking forward to PBR Refraction with SSS. :wink:

How? I can’t find it

Have you tried another material? Like blending. Those have an opacity slider.

Check the manual for more detailed information.

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I tried to have a transparent object but I only could get to be like glass… so reflections. Something being totally transparent to then paint stuff in there would be useful… and also would allow to have objects with a variable transparency in different parts of it.

You can paint an additive material black with metalness and roughness on full.
The only problem: you can only paint visible lighter color, no darken, colour is see through.