Refraction Issues

Dear Mighty Stephane,

Thank you for the new update, it is amazing!! I just love the app and I am working ways now to create full art scenes.
Just reporting a small issue in the refraction. The property doesn’t seem to be working properly on old files. In one instance, the reference image has disappeared. I am aware you are working on fixing this. Another issue is the following: there seem to be a conflict between Metalness properties above 0.5 and refraction. If the material has for example 1.0 metalness the refraction is ignored. I was wondering if you have considered overriding the metalness as part of the property as an option?

The background issue is fixed as shown in the logs.

There is no “metalness” for refraction, so it’s working as expected, simply don’t use metal on your model. The alternative to ignore the metalness gives less flexibility.
You can use paint all while masking color/roughness to remove the metal paint.

Edit: by “expected” I mean how I wanted it to be. But the decision was more or less arbitrary, it depends from one software to another. I might change the behavior later but for now it’s not planned.

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Thank you for the quick response. Okay waiting for the update to try it again. Awesome!!

So simply put, Metalness here refers to the conductive quality and the more conductive the material, the IOR is ignored. It is a solid decision, do not get me wrong! I was just confused when trying it at first on one of my objects that has full metalness and it didn’t work as I imagined to know later that I need to re-paint it with less metalness.

One issue I just wanted to run by you @stephomi is the Blending mode in material, It was an issue before but wasn’t sure if it was designed this way. Blending does not allow Metalness in SSR mode unless the opacity value is 1 which ultimately means the material is opaque. I notices this is not the case with Dithering, Dithering allows SSR for Metalness in all opacities. Which is a good alternative. Is this an issue? Or is it designed this way?

It was designed this way, for performance reason. (I could have added a checkbox per material for blend/additive, but I wanted to keep things relatively simple).
If you have lot of blended material in your scene, the performance won’t scale well (for opaque material, the SSR is executed at most once per pixel, but for blended material there is no such guarantee).
I did add SSR for refracted material though.

Another advantage of Dithered is that it supports Depth of Field and SSAO as well.

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I like how it is now. Simple and straightforward.

Ahh I see! I honestly love the dithering! It is my favourite so far! Thank you always for your continuous support :smiley: