Feature request - materials - ( Glass, Subsurface, Wax, Emissive,)

Hey!, not sure how difficult, however it would be really great to have some additional materials to build from in the PBR view.

For now it appears to be a standard rough/metal material. However being able to do skin/wax with subsurface would be really great. Also a true emissing material would be nice. For now i can somewhat get the “light” material by darkening everything, then using a flat color and bumping the constrast + bloom. but doesnt always work 100%.


Emissive properties would be pretty awesome, as would full shaders; that said part of the appeal of this app is its simplicity. I do love the renderer side of it, as it offers a lot right out of the box, and real-time! For more complex things I’m generally ok taking the models out to other more generalized 3d apps. I’m also very curious to see how well the 3D painting in Procreate works, perhaps it will have its own full rendering features.