What an app! ( and lighting and SSS inquiries )

First, I really wish to congratulate the Nomad team for the AMAZING app! It is so well thought of, a great UI, and performance that I didn’t even think was possible on a tablet! It’s really amazing!

I know this is a sculpting app, and not a rendering one, but are there any plans in the future to add ( or fake ) some sort of lighting and subsurface scattering effect? I know a lot of people including myself love to sculpt creatures, and a good sss always adds life to a design! Thanks!


Yes it’s planned, to some extent.

Something I don’t know yet about SSS is: should it be paint per vertex or simply a per object attribute.


Hmmm, interesting thought! I guess if it was possible, being able to paint by vertex would add a lot of flexibility! If it was another slider like roughness and metalic, where you could choose how deep the light travels in the material, you could have variable SSS through a sculpt! I don’t know if that’s possible though

As is the general sentiment, Nomad is a fantastic App! Love the new Post Processing features and want add my vote for ability to paint SSS, maybe an auto generated pass (driven by geo thickness) that could then be further enhanced manually?

Keep up the amazing dev work :wink: