Request : Texturing painting &

Hope you are doing goood.
I have been using nomad since 3 or 4 months and i really love it works very well , i also made some characters and assets published it on sketchfab tagged “Nomadsculpt”

I have some request for features you could add

• Texturing painting :
currently we can painting textures, but it is vertex painting which is dependent on vertex as many polygons smoother and clean brush strokes.

But , i think polygon painting like substance painter would be really great , we wont need to increase level of subdivisions to paint finer details, shades and textures…

Please make this work along with already existing Metalness , Roughness and color channel

One addition adding (Emissive channel) will be great , it will take PBR painting on Mobile devices to next level.

• Curvature Display on Sculpt :
i have used your SculptGL longtime ago , i saw one feature there in rendering section called “Curvature” it really adds some life to our Sculpt displaying curvature on our Sculpt.

So i would like see that in Nomad Sculpt app , you can add it in Rendering section…it will b great to review our Sculpt and check the convex areas on the model.

(Although Curvature is not Absolute neccessary)

• Post Processing Effects :
adding some visual post processing effects will be great for renders …like Bloom , Ambient occlusion, color correction and etc…

• Turntable 360° video :
Able to make Turntable video of our finish project
Resolution can be upto 1080p…i think 4k will be too much for just a Turntable video.

I hope its not too much , im asking :sweat_smile:
It will be really great to see these features coming on Nomad

I will keep creating with Nomad, i love the experience Sculpting and painting with this incredible app for Artists.

You have done a great job! Many thanks
All the best for future development

You can see my creations on sketchfab , Instagram and twitter

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— Texturing
Handling texturing and is too much work, I want to focus on sculpting/modeling.

The first step would be to support UVs, which already raise lot of questions.

For now extra paint channel is not planned.
Each paint channel takes memory so I can’t just add them like that.

— Curvature
Not planned for now but maybe in the future.

— Postprocessing
Next release, but it will take some time, this is more work than what I anticipated.
Along with light/shadow.

— Turntable
Probably at some point.


Thank you! :grinning:
Waiting for next release…

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Yes as you said surface texturing is needed so we can apply texture to low poly models .
The things you had said are implemented in the current Version and i am also waiting to see what come in the future.