Second Nomad branch for texturing & rendering?

This app is great. The best 3D renderer on iPad I have found as well.
That’s the request. A second texturing and rendering branch for creating pics as finished pictures or reference pics for drawing. I read that inside sculpting, textures are no fun.
One could send objects directly from Nomad Sculpt to Nomad render and combine it with a bunch of other imported 3D objects.
Everything could be done on iPad. Easy, without learning complex 3D apps.

An example. Landscape in Nomad, objects from Sketchfab. Ready for drawing.

Definitely not happening :slight_smile:.

3d apps are very hard to make and maintain, so I prefer to focus on the sculpting/modelling aspect.

In order to do texturing I need to support UVs, and ideally I’d like them to be supported robustly.
Meaning it would work well with multiresolution (already the case) but also dynamic topology and a bit voxel remeshing.
But it’s not high priority, and even then it’s only “supporting UV”, not computing them from scratch which is not straightfoward.


Ok, I see your point. It’s just that I don’t know any other app for iPad doing what Nomad does rendering and importing wise. But sure, it’s a special use. Probably not worth the amount of work.

…maybe I’ll find better examples for teasing, so you finally see a market :joy:

Anyway such a cool app. Started with sculptris years ago, then zBrush, 3DCiat (still fundamental knowledge in this)

Speaking about Sculptris. Another argument are bump maps for sure. Simulating high detail on low res topology.
I will go on exploring Nomad more first :wink:

Agreed - we don’t need this. We DO, however, need UV support, but only if serious consideration is given to a decent retopology solution. UVs on thousands of polys isn’t ideal. I know that Substance Painter has an Auto Unwrap UV feature, and I’ve tried it out doing a commissioned pipeline piece for Adobe - VR sculpt from Medium, Auto UV Unwrap in Painter, then final render and assembly in Dimension. The issue with this is it’s a pain in the ass to go back and edit - not production friendly at all. I’m more interested to see what Procreate 5.2 has to offer with their take on painting 3d models. Will they be requiring UVs to be already assigned and unwrapped, or, offer their own unwrap upon import? Having a good pipeline between Nomad and Procreate is the desired outcome. I would imagine OJB/FBX file format would be the lowest common denominator, but it would be nice to see USDZ import/export for both Nomad and Painter, so we can start leveraging Apple’s AR support. I just was made aware that Forager can export USDZ, and exported a Nomad sculpt as OBJ, imported to Forager, then exported as USDZ. Would be nice to do that all in Nomad. :wink:

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USDZ support gets my vote, tested it out on zbrush today and the file size was a fifth of the size of the exact same obj and export time was also a fraction of that of obj.

Really useful when throwing files back and forth between desktop and iPad as zbrush is what I’m using for retopo and UV until another solution arrives.


Yes, love the app! Would love to be able to import directly into procreate. Maybe we can get them to support glTF and meet in the middle.

You can directly export to Procreate (and also import from Procreate)

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Well ok then! Thank you for all the work you’ve put into this. It’s awesome