UV mapping

So the new procreate update came out, where we can paint on 3D objects and I got very excited for it but unfortunately I cant export my 3D sculpts from nomad into procreate bcs it doesnt support UV maps and I read in previous articles that not much people are requesting it so I just hope that with the new update more people will come and request it. It would be really cool bcs just bcs of this I dont want to purchase Forger, which has an autamic UV mapping.
I also saw that there is an option in Nomad where we can able UV but I couldnt find the “dev button” (sorry if this comes off dumb)

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This is coming in the next update.

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Wait what, that’s the opposite.


@stephomi @Omari_Parris
I don’t see UV mapping in the Change Log. I’m not sure if it’s coming or not. Stephomi, can you confirm either way?

@Nica @Omari_Parris @RogerRoger Good thread here about it all, Stephane summarises it very well on why it won’t be happening for awhile.

@stephomi :rofl:

@John_Mills That’s what I thought. But Omari said it would be out next update so I wasn’t sure if there was something I had missed.

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Nah man, you know Steph, it’d be on the change log and he’d make some noise about it otherwise. It’s a high in demand feature.

There’ll be an UV unwrapper option in the next release but it’s still experimental. (Can fail, very long, etc)

I don’t like to advertise stuffs that is not robust, it’s not really in the philosophy of Nomad to introduce something I don’t have full control on, but I’m making an exception here.
When I’ll put it in the log I want it to be clear it’s experimental (just don’t want people complaining on « fix plz UV unwrap, it doesn’t work »


I see this is really great then, I’m very excited for it. Thank you!

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You mean something like Automatic Or smart un wrap we have in Blender, right? Im very excited about it. I was really waiting for so long for this feature.

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Exportação está disponível , próxima versão o nomad poderá exportar
Mais não acredito que seja algo robusto, poderá falhar muito

hello, as a Zbrush user for more than 20 years (yeah since Zbrush shitty 2.5d V1), I ve always hoped for a new sculpting tool. Zbrush is good but man, their interface is pure 2001 Evilness. Though, I m jumping on this thread to tell u something u already know : UVs (auto, primitive or unwrap) create and read is a must have. Just tried Nomad for like 5 6 hours on my Ipad Pro 2021, and it s fantastic. I think it can be the revolution in sculpting the way procreate was for 2D. Though, UVs are important for 3 main reasons. 1 the ability to import meshes including Uvs. 2 UVs will open the road for normal tangeant space maps, wich will make details way lighter on ur app. 3 it will open interoperability between Nomad and all other softwares, for a BnForth pipe. Add to that that you could allow banks of objects (auto merged) in the insert palette, and it will, I think, open for you the studios perspective. In all the cases, as also a IOS dev myself, would like to congrat you for the quality of this app. It s really impressive.


Where is nomadat for uvs? Mainly trying to use cinena 4d, the vertex paint looks ok. Like what if I import a .obj thats already uved? Could really use a way rip the color out

In the topology menu, fourth icon is the UV’s widget. You also need to switch the Shader from ‘PBR’ to ‘PBR-UV’