Exporting 3D sculpt on Procreate beta / UV issue

I don’t see how to remove the paint layers ??? I merged the paint with the original model!

Ahh. Use Save As, make a new duplicate file first so you don’t lose original. Then just use Paint, hit erase, expand the radius to max and just wipe the model clean.

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Thank you !

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I’m also using the Beta and I don’t think deleting the layer on Nomad will be helpful.

As I understand, Nomad paints the polygons. Procreate is texturing a UV map (I’m probably using the wrong terminology somewhere here :grimacing:).


Close. ProCreate is using a painting engine to paint the polygons also, UV just stand for the co-ordinates of the texture, any paint or texture on a model can be created into a UV map afterward which is what I think PC will be able to do. Nomad just doesn’t handle these co-ordinates for its texturing/painting applications.

Nomad doesn’t compute UVs (hard to do in a robust and automatic way)

UV is simply 2 coordinates assigned to each vertex.
In other words, it’s the data that tells you how to unwrap any model to a flat plane.

They paint the texture, like any other texturing apps.

Technically it paints the vertex, not the polygon itself.
Except for STL export as it can only exports colors on the triangle (but there only a few software out there that can read the data back, and it’s not really something standard)

It does but only partially, if you go in Interface and check “keep UVs” it will conserve UVs when you load a model that has them.
It doesn’t load any associated textures though, it will simply display a debug texture on it (if the model has UV of course).
Also there is no Vertex painting baking to textures as of now (it’s easy to do but it’s a bit useless as there is no realistic workflow that could make use of it in Nomad)

Also, the Cube/Box primitives in Nomad do compute UVs, so in theory you could have a workflow Nomad->Procrate: if you check the box AND then create Cube/Box AND restricts yourself to not use Voxel Remesher or Dyntopo you could then export OBJ to Procreate and it will work.
But it’s experimental, don’t rely on it.


Much better explanation than what I could get out, thank you Stephane, I enjoy reading your inputs like this, I learn a lot this way.

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Hi, do you planned to add generate uv in the future in nomad ?
it would be awesome to have the complete workflow just on ipad :slight_smile:

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I said above it’s hard to do in an automatic way.

I understand but other sculpt app (ipad) can do it, it’s a little annoying to export nomad sculpt to other app just for generate uvs then export again to procreate. it’s ok but now with procreate 5.2, a lot of people will ask for it.


No it doesn’t, at least not robustly, it can fail or crash in some cases.
forger doesn’t even load non manifold mesh (and Nomad often produces these, with decimate/dyntopo, etc).

Maybe ask Procreate to do it :stuck_out_tongue:?


in french :slight_smile: peut être que c’est la soluce demander à procreate je suis d’accord, pour forger si l’obj est non manifold je le voxel remesh et ca passe bien, maintenant c’est sur la mesh est assez lourde :slight_smile:

@Kouza_Nagi There are no other portable sculpting apps that currently compute entire UV co-ordinates. That is desktop software only. forger and sculptura do not, which are the two closest to Nomad. If it was simple or an easy task to implement, it would have been done - Stephane knows very clearly what he is on about. If ProCreate tweak the 5.2 update so models do not need these co-ordinates first before importation then great - but that would mean SavageInteractive would have found a way to compute full co-ordinates before others. This isn’t the case. SavageInteractive rely on other third party software to do this hard work first which it’s then reading. In short Nomad and ProCreate 5.2 are incompatible this way. If this is truly a problem then Blender can solve all this problems very easily by using it as a go between. Nomad Model > Blender for UV mapping > then into ProCreate for vertex painting. Or just sculpt on a desktop, ZBrush - which is probably more what SavageInteractive had in mind when they envisioned people using this. The dev’s would have been well aware iOS sculpting apps currently lack this feature in full form.

hey john :slight_smile: forger do auto uv’s in “manifold” mesh (I do it all day for testing) the point is like Stephane say, you can’t use decimate/dyntopo and the result it’s a heavy mesh, but it’s ok on a small project,now obviously if you do it on computer it’s better :wink: but it’s not a good workflow, maybe procreate add auto uv in 5.3 we’ll see.

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Partial and simple co-ordinates, as Maxon even advertise ‘simple generation of mesh UV’s’ - Nomad can do that as well with a box primitive, again with no dyntopo or voxel features. The fact is you cannot bring an entirely developed, completed sculpt off of these softwares to use with PC 5.2 - I also think that was never the intention for SavageInteractive. I can almost guarantee one the first things they tried doing during development was importing Nomad and forger models in. The compatibility was never intended, it’s like wondering why the radiator doesn’t link up to the washing machine in my opinion. This isn’t a problem for Stephane or Maxon, SavageInteractive should have made this very clear from the beginning to their consumers that models will not work without UV co-ordinates - but since desktop software is the current recognised industry standard, it makes sense to me, desktop platform users are who they were targeting for this - not us iOS/Android users.

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Would it be possible to do a nomad add-on? For $5 or $10 to unlock a UV feature? That way you benefit from it as well. I know a lot of requests require a shit ton of work on your end so this might be a good solution :man_shrugging:t2:

$10 dollars for a decent UV feature
$10 dollars for a decent rig feature
$20 dollars for nomad polygon modeling

Or even create separate apps all together - just want to see you get paid while keeping Nomad on top.


Problem with add-ons and extra apps is it’s more work to also support those and update them, nice to think about though my friend. Problem with UV co-ordinates is also the device trying to compute it, this being restricted as an iPad Pro additional purchase could solve that one day, as it allows still for Nomad to run universally on all devices, with the option to enhance it a notch on more powerful hardware that can handle this task. Not being developers ourselves, there’s also other insights and hurdles that we are not aware of to bring features like this into fruition. Time & patience - that’s all the support we need to give. Nice input man.

I wouldn’t say « easily », automatic uv unwrapping is not a solved problem, at all.

It could be 100$, that wouldn’t change the fact it’s still as hard as before.
I don’t get the features done in Nomad by sending money to my Mac, it’s all about finding what is high and lower priority.

Also it’s more complex than that, models in Nomad are very quickly high poly and When I tested one in Procreate it didn’t like that (maybe that was just my mesh, I don’t know).
So it’s just not about unwrapping, but potentially decimate+uv unwrap+baking vertex color, in a single operation.


Thanks for breaking it down. It seems like a lot is going to change soon, especially with the new procreate 3D feature. It’s easy on our end (consumers) to make requests that sound simple in our minds but open Pandora’s box on the developers side.
The possibility of getting to use procreate to paint the models excites me tremendously.


I did wonder about this in all fairness. It’s leaning in toward my suspects that this update is basically for desktop models. The robot model they’ve been advertising on marketing images looks low poly with a body frame built via traditional modelling software.

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