Little trick for export/import between Nomad and procreate

if ever here is a mini explanation concerning the sending of a nomad model to procreate, make it come back in nomad and if you forgot to sculpt a little thing there is still a way to repeat it in procreate even if there is no 'option to re-export textures. So after unfolding your uvs you export to * .obj with export normals checked. In procreate you do what you have to do (painting etc …) then you export from procreate to * .obj this will create a folder with all the files to import into nomad, the easiest at this time the c 'Esr to use the compression of this folder in zip, the ipad does it automatically if you click on compress. just slide the zip into nomad and put me in pbr uv material. So let’s imagine that you forgot to sculpt some little things then you can do it as long as you never use voxel to avoid losing the uvs. The ca gets a little harsher because there is no way to re-record the whole project with nomad and export it in * .obj with the textures (maybe we can fzire the ping pong between the two) so the idea is to simply save your obj in the sue procreate folder you have to create import only this obj because even if you try the whole procreate folder doesn’t reread the textures and i don’t know why. Then you drag the textures where they should go (color rough metal) the simplest is to put in 2d view. here is a way of going back and forth between nomad is procreate if we want to make adjustments.


Nice, thanks!

Hi @Costorella_Stefano, your post is super interesting. In my workflow I need to often back and forth between Nomad sculpt and Procreate. At the moment, I am able to create my OBJ from Nomad, send it to Procreate to paint it and then, send it back to Nomad for retouch when needed. Until this step, everything looks great. But once on Nomad, if I do some changes on the sculpture and send it back again into Procreate, I am loosing all paintings. I tried to carefully follow your recommandation but I am struggling as I am still loosing all the textures/painting. Would you mind to elaborate your process with a kind of bullet points/step -by-step to succeed in doing that ?

Thanks for your sharing in any case :slightly_smiling_face:

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