Export Nomad to Procreate. Loses all paint

When I export finished object to Procreate 5.2, the file rotates but the image loses all painting I did in Nomad.

Can I directly import to social media platforms?

If I understood correctly, you want Procreate to export your model you had painted in Nomad? Because you don‘t know how to get a 2D picture out of Nomad? Correct?
Rendering in Nomad is directly below export. You can render 2D png picture.

Transferring your Nomad 3D painted object into Procreate is more difficult though, as these are different painting systems. Vertex paint in Nomad, UV paint in Procreate if you want to search and learn about it.

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At the moment the colors (vertex colors) are NOT transferred to Procreate during the 3D OBJ export (with UV Maps).
The exported OBJ object is therefore colorless / white.
To transfer the vertex colors a detour via e.g. Blender or SculptGL is necessary


For social media you can make a screen recording video of the turntable or export a GIF from Nomad Sculpt or export a PNG of your sculpture, screenshots work too.
A detour via Procreate is not necessary. There is no direct share to function.
Upload files to social media via upload from photo gallery or files.

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Thank you for the answer. Will save me a lot of time.

Thank you Holder. Makes sense to video the turntable.

Is there a tutorial on how to do this somewhere?

What would you like to do ? A video or a GIF … I can only help you if you have an Apple device.


Thank you,

Thought I deleted this post, whoops! I actually worked it out, I needed to flatten out all the layers in order for it to work so I’m all sorted. Thanks for reaching out.