Nomad doesn’t save the roughness and metallic from Procreate

Hi. it’s amazing that Nomad now can import back a texture painted model from Procreate, but I’m finding that Nomad doesn’t save in the file the roughness or metallic when I import and then save (and re-open) the model, only the color.

Fixed on next release.


By the way… we can’t export roughness and metallic properties, can we? Only the vertex color. If my model has colors with a variety of roughness and metallic properties that is only inside nomad sculpt, right? We can only get the base colors out when exporting the vertex color.

If you don’t the file format or the software that you use, I can’t give an answer.

You can read back the metal/rough vertex painting in blender if you export in glb, Files | Nomad Sculpt


Well I meant it as to export those properties to be accesible for any software… but Blender, yeah. Thanks

…Success, I got matte skin colors with a variety of glossy makeup paint over the eyes of a model exported to Blender. Thanks :+1:t4:

Hi there, same issue. I managed to import roughness and metallic on Procreate to Nomad with no issue but when I go out and back in it’s not saved. Or if I add to scene the previous save it only shows colour. Anything I can do or change in settings? Thanks

I’m having the same issue - import into Nomad from Procreate and all is good. Close and re-open and all roughness/metallic textuures have gone. I’ve tried deleting Nomad and reinstalling. I’m on an iPad Pro 11”. Perhaps its something on Procreate side?

It imports to Nomad so I think it is Nomad, it needs an option to retain those elements. At least we can export that from Nomad.

It’s fixed in the next update. Coming soon :slight_smile:


Awesome news. Thanks for the update. And thanks Stephane for Nomad - easily one of the best apps on the Apple store, responsible for my renewed interest in 3D!!

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