Export material please?

I am relatively new to Nomad sculpt, but I really enjoy this program.

I sculpted and painted a creature in Nomad which I am trying to animate with mixamo but I’ve been trying all day to figure out how to link the vertex colors to my animated character. I have tried the tutorial in the Files part of the Manual (along with several other tutorials) but I do not have the option to input “Vertex Color” on blender so I am having a really hard time manually adding the color with the glb file. I also tried exporting as an obj and the obj is painted in the preview version of Finder, but when I bring it into blender or cinema4d, the material is just white. And of course mixamo does not want to rig the colored version for some reason - but it’s fine rigging the uncolored version.

Any trouble shooting advice would be much appreciated!

But it would amazing if there was a way to simply export the material. That would make this process a whole lot easier. I really enjoy painting in Nomad but if it’s this difficult to export color, then I may stick to painting in other programs.

So i haven’t messed around with import/export features at all…but maybe some of the information presented in this post may help?

That’s the post I would have directed you to also. Blender can take the vertex paint information through the GLB file format & if you set it up correctly then you also have the metal / roughness information. I have to tell you I absolutely hated blender to start off with, but have continued to delve deeper into its features because of the way it can take & work with Nomad exports.

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Hi, sorry for slow response, but in case you haven’t figured out how to import vertex colors into blender, you need to first combine all paint layers down onto the mesh itself. Nomad will export vertex colors in GLTF format, but it will not recognize layers at all. Hence the need to compress all the layers onto the mesh before exporting. When you export the GLTF, make sure you check the box for export colors. Then just save the file, open blender, import GLTF and voila… vertex colors that include roughness and metal lic properties. If you’re using the most recent version of blender you shouldn’t have to update any of the nodes in the shading tab, you should be able to automatically see all the colors when you tap the render button. I haven’t tried this in Eevee but I know that it works in cycles.