Blender Import Issue (No Textures on .Gltf)

Hi everyone! Love this app!!

I got into sculpting like three days ago, overall I am in love with it. Even my bad stuff turns out not so terrible!

I recently did a sculpt and exported the .gltf. I imported it into Blender however none of the textures came with it so my extra painting was lost.

Is there an extra point between the completing and sending it out and importing that I’m missing? I thought I might need to bake it but I’m still unsure.

Thanks for reading!

Nomad only supports vertex painting, so no UVs or textures.

But you can read the vertex painting in blender

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Hello, indeed great app! This will probably be replacing ZBrush for a lot of stuff.

You can access them with the “Vertex Color” node (or “Color Vertex Tex” if you use Octane)

I found color in the “Col” attribute and the extra paining is probably in the RGB’s of the “Col.001” attribute. Still figuring out how to split them up.

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You’re both amazing! Thank you!

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:smile_cat: :heart_eyes_cat: So here’s the node graph for Octane, there are some more conversions in the middle to get the same effects

The Hue -0.666 shift is to convert green to red, that’s because Octane converts colors to floats by using the red channel from a color


I’m facing issues to get the color information from Nomad Sculpt (latest) into Blender (2.92). It is all set to vertex color by default when importing but most colors are missing (only for certain parts that I have “simple merged” colors are getting imported properly).

  • I “simple merged” all parts in NS
  • I export GLTF via E-Mail from NS on Ipad and download it on my PC
  • Import GLTF in Blender


Solved it by cleaning up the meshes in NS and cleaning up (reducing to one) the layers in NS