Export to obj

When I export a glTF file to Blender, all colors on my model appear in textured mode. Not so when I import the obj file from Nomad (with mtl in same folder). Any idea why?

And I realize it’s not Nomad’s fault, but no matter how I try, I cannot get the Blender import of the glTF file to export to fbx with colors intact. Anybody had success in doing that?

Are you using layers?

No. Should I?

No but it could have explained some issues with FBX or glTF import.

I tried FBX export and it works fine. You need to assign the vertex colors manually though Files | Nomad Sculpt (see the blender video)

Thank you for the prompt replies. I see the process isn’t automatic. But from the Blender video it isn’t clear to me where the textures come from — I don’t see them sitting in my Blender file. Do I need to recreate the colors within Blender? I seem to be missing an important piece of information.


There is no texture in Nomad, only vertex colors.

If you follow exactly the video it will work.
If you don’t care about roughness/metalness you can skip the secondary vertex color node.

OK, well I do now get that there’s no textures and UV maps. The Blender video eludes me, but I will try other sources about capturing vertex painting. Strangely, Mixamo does pick up the colors when rigging my model, but then iClone doesn’t see them when importing the fbx files from Mixamo. Maybe I just need a converter app that creates an fbx file from a glTF file?

What do you mean by “elude”?

If you simply want to export to FBX you have nothing to do, simply open the FBX in blender and export in FBX format.
It’s what I’ve trying and it simply worked and I tried to re-import the FBX afterwards (although you still need to do the thing I did in the video).

I don’t really know how FBX works, maybe there’s different way of writing vertex colors, I just tried with blender exporter.