Importing OBJ with texture? or workaround?

Hey everyone,
This has probably been asked a bunch of times,
but I assume one cannot import a textured OBJ into Nomad
(Such as a scanned object from another app).

So is there any workaround for importing a textured OBJ?
Maybe a conversion process that creates a 3D object with vertex coloring, somehow?


Nomad doesn’t support UV and textures.

There’s experimental UV support but you need to toggle « keep UV » at the bottom of interface panel. (You can then switch the shading to UV instead of pbr/matcap).
But it’s mostly useless for now.

Would it be possible to bake textures to vertex colors in Blender, export to gltf, then import?

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Without any other external app, or only on tab

It works if you bake to vertex colors in blender.
Latest release can bake to vertex colors (in cycles)