Strokes only visible with UVs highlighted

Not sure what’s going on or if this even a bug but I’ve imported textures back from procreate however, I’m not able to paint on the layer. It shows the paint strokes when I make the uvs visible, but if I turn uvs off the strokes disappear. Any ideas? Also, is it possible for me to override a previous texture imported from procreate on an object? Thanks!

You cannot paint on texture in Nomad, just vertex painting.
The vertex color is multiplied against the texture value.
The vertex roughness and metalness channels are ignored.

Also note that if you save a file imported from Procreate, the roughness/metalness textures will be lost when you reload the file. (it is fixed in the next release)

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Okay that makes sense now why I’m not seeing anything on the blackness of the texture. If it’s being multiplied that would basically make it impossible to see on that kind of background, but it would allow me to paint shadows on a lighter color. Are there any plans to allow layers to have attributes other than multiply? It would be nice to be able to paint highlights on darker colors.

Not really because mixing vertex colors and texture colors doesn’t make much sense.
It would be better to paint directly in the texture instead, similarly to Procreate.

For now it’s not planned, but maybe one day.