Projection painting please

I am sorry to post so many requests in a row but this and basic UV support would be my 2 main features that I think should be prioritized above all else.

It seems like there is already support for alphas using custom brushes, so the ability to paint color information as well using the drag width type brush would be at least a good way to use textures if projection painting isn’t viable at this time. I am not sure if projection painting requires UVs or not but it seems like all the framework for the feature is already there, just projecting the reference images in the background.

Painting using textures and on model texture support are the 2 main things keeping this software from being competitive. I really hope they get implemented soon


Alphas don’t need UVs.

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Alpha but with colors would be super nice. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve experimented with splitting a coloured image into R / G / B channel images and applying each alpha with a selected colour. Difficult to get accurate but you end up with a coloured version close to the original image. It’s not worth the time involved really due to the slightly poor result but it was a technique from screen printing that I was thinking of. Hopefully a simple drag brush application of a coloured image to vertex paint could be implemented in Nomad, without too much change to the current system of using Alphas (and without the need for UVs)

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A lovely option would be to place a picture over the 3D object and paint through it.


I’ve never used it but isn’t that something from ZBrush?

It’s in Spotlight in zBrush, combined with trillions of options as always. 3D coat offers this as well, and many more I am sure.

I need to have a look into 3D Coat as it seems that lots of people mention that it’s good, if a little buggy. I wonder how difficult it is to implement this into Nomad & also if 3D Coat has a demo version……hmm

30 days trial. Version 2021 is coming 12th of July, offering also partly purchase for 3DcoatTextura. But check out their site for details. Don’t know if unwrap UVs is included in Textura.

But Bezzo, we are spoiling every thread with unrelated chats :blush:

I think Textura might support PBR vertex painting so fingers crossed nomad projects will just plug straight into it

Definitely available on ZBrush-but for the iPad, the Autodesk software 123D had this feature and it was amazing!

E x a c t l y ! This exact feature is what made 123D From Autodesk such a power-house for years on my iPad…I could get so much Industrial/Product design done…bike helmets, shoes etc…I’m dying to have this feature again!

123D apps were good at the time. Problem was Autodesk went subscription based and decided to dump the 123D apps and the community. Money/share holders over users and the community.

But the two things I really miss is the low polygon modelling from 123D Design and the UV texture painting of 123D Sculpt. Even with atlas uv mapping in 123D Sculpt made it very useful.

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Looks like Textura will have vertex painting (PTEX) now that it’s officially launched!

New Nomad 1.55 will have option to use coloured pictures as texture to paint. Web demo already shows potential! Very cool! :vulcan_salute:
A big step in realistic texturing.

Two things:

  1. Wouldn’t it be cool to load coloured picture in alpha and just use a checker saying “use as texture”? So one can use one picture for both, sculpting and texturing? Would be more compact, and part of alpha menu is used for texture anyway.

  2. I still hope to be once able to use the reference picture to paint / project through it onto the sculpt. Everything is there in reference: transformation, overlay etc etc.

We just need a check to use reference image projection for painting and sculpting.

This will be the absolute game changer for realistic texturing.
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You’re right, this is a game changer. Only need to be able to keep my old pre-existing UVs across the whole workflow and this software is legitimately pipeline ready. No sense adding some hacky tri-planar auto unwrap like they have in forger, that is less than a half measure… hardly even usable and far from good results. Unless there is an open source implementation of something as good as Zbrush’s UV master, I would much rather just have the ability to handle my UVs in another application and reimport the UVed version back into nomad. That would go a long way towards quality of life improvements. All it has to do is give you a warning, if it detects UVs and you activate any of the remesh / dynamic tessellation features that it will be doing so destructively.

Whoever mentioned spotlight in Zbrush that is exactly what I was thinking about. And yes the ability to paint RGB colors and sculpt simultaneously would be (and is, already in other softwares) extremely powerful. The ability to drag out an alpha with scales and have the color of those scales applied simultaneously, or apply a RGB skin texture with the bumps and wrinkles matching the colors perfectly. Zbrush users know what I’m talking about, but I actually think there is even greater potential for nomad considering it already supports PBR, we could add individual brush alphas for albedo, roughness and metalness maps and paint them and sculpt/displacement simultaneously a la Mari or mudbox.

I mean I’m dreaming obviously, these are high level features and I think the UVs are more pressing but it seems like the skeleton code is already there. Someone mentioned doing the overlapping alpha operation 3 times for R, G and B, this would be the same principle but add R and M.

Maybe I am asking too much. But the developer is really an impressive fucking guy. I didn’t expect something this soon, so… who knows.