Is texture painting dependent on mesh resolution?

Hi, I’ve been trying to use the texture paint feature but I don’t get it, it seems like the resolution of the texture depends on the resolution of the mesh, which doesn’t make any sense. I’m using UDIMs in my model and they get imported correctly, even the checkered helper texture gets displayed fine, but when painting, it looks like the same old vertex painting, not texture painting. Am I doing something wrong?

Nomad doesn’t support texture painting on UVs.
It only supports vertex painting.

You can create UVs, you can export and import UVs, but for UV painting you{ll need another app.

Whoops, I totally got that wrong. So why exactly is there a UV option there? Sorry if it’s a stupid question

UVs are not really useful inside Nomad, but you can export the mesh and do the texturing elsewhere (Procreate for example).

Then you can load back the mesh in Nomad, the textured model can be displayed but you cannot paint on it directly.
(note that if you save the model and reload it Nomad, you’ll lose the metalness/roughness textures from Procreate, it’s a bug that will be resolved in the next release).