How can I apply an already created texture to a mesh in Nomad?

I am importing Objs into nomad and am trying to figure out how to get the texture map applied to the mesh inside of Nomad.

I’m pretty embarrassed to admit how much time I’ve spent trying to find how to do this.

Can anyone point me into the right direction?

I don’t think you can for now.

That’s not possible in Nomad.
Right now vertex paint is the only way of getting your mesh textured in Nomad.
Texture painting isn’t something planned see:

However you can use another app like Procreate to use texture maps.

Tip: It’s also possible to UV unwrap your mesh in Nomad and texture paint in Procreate.

So to clarify, at the moment it isn’t possible to bring it in for rendering?


You need to include the mtl and the textures (you can zip everything to make it easier).

Currently only some kind of textures are supported.

As said above, you can UV unwrap in Nomad and then texture in procreate.

That’s a great workflow, and I apprciate how fast nomad is at unwrapping uvs even on a 6 year old ipad!

So after I texture my model in Procreate, am I able to bring that newly created texture I created in procreate into Nomad for rendering?

Just to clarify one of my processes: I use photogrammetry to create 3d model base. I’ll then bring in the model to XYZ software to modify, pose and render.

It would be helpful for my use case to be able to apply the already created texture back on the mesh in Nomad.

I’m teaching kids visual and digital communication and bout a dozen ipads and have limited myself to only iPad and I am looking for the best workflow for me and after some testing Nomad is the best I’ve seen for what I am doing. Being able to bring back those textures for rendering will be nice to have.

The texture can currently on be applied using Procreate or Sketchfab (web app) & not within Nomad. There are other methods but they are tricky, especially in a teaching environment. You can indeed bring your painted model back from Procreate into Nomad, with all textures attached (using the PBR-UV render mode). The next version will have bake vertex to texture, which can be previewed in the web-demo nomad - WebAssembly I also use lidar scans in my sculpts and they can be brought textured into Nomad, exported to Procreate for texture editing and then brought back into Nomad.