How to import Materials/Textures to Maya, Substance or Unity?


I tried using the .glb exported. That extension is a real nightmare for Unity, Substance or Maya.

So, I went with .obj. I just want to find a way to get my textures into one of those programs. Can anybody help?


Nomad doesn’t do texture painting, it’s only vertex colors.

(procreate does 3d texturing though)

Only way possible is to bake out a vertex colour map on desktop first - but dependant on the size and complexity of your sculpt whether you’ll get a head fuckery of UV’s with some garbled islands/seams to deal with or a clean unwrap process - because going about this way, you cant retopo first because of the vertex colour. If you’ve got a topologically clean model though - and within tolerance of poly counts, crack on.

Textures, vertex color… you know what I mean. Just passing the visual colouring surface information without getting too technical fancy :grimacing:

Thanks, I was afraid that was the only solution. I create low-poly versions of my sculpts, so my guess is this method won’t work. With UV’s you can transfer them between Low and High. Besides, doing automatic unwrap of UVs from vertex colors will results in unpredictable seams like you mention. I think my best bet is to export as .obj, unwrap in Maya and restart the paint job in ProCreate.

  • Really looking forward for this App to further support UV’s because it has great colouring tools.
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Nomad’s UV unwrap natively works really well just as a side note, I’ll pack them in Blender afterward and neaten their arrangement out before for painting in PC 5.2 but I often find I rely on Steph’s unwrap algorithm more than Blender (part of work pipeline) ones when I’m prepping sculpts for work.

I did notice that feature. Looks great!, he just needs that final step: To offer Users an option to paint with Vertex color OR use the UV’s that the App generated. That alone will make a lot of ProCreate users to use this App more often (and attract new ones).