iPad texturing workflow-part 1

New video on the channel
Guys I think you gonna like this
Learn how to UVunwrapping simple mech on iPad
Using nomad sculpt, forger, procreate and a secret app you will Love :heart:


iPad texturing workflow - part 1


Pray for make UV in nomad.


Amen :pray:t3:

This will be a huge step

Its works with model with high poly level ?

It works but in many scenarios you will get messy uv map
For example this is the head example in forger

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For now i continue with zbrush for UV automatic process.

Here’s a comparing of a car I made in nomad sculpt
And a low poly version of it with textures of the original

Not as beautiful as the original :grin:
But sure more game friendly

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I export my obj from nomad with vertex color but in forger no vertex color, an idea ? I just want make a test.

While it’s possible to manually do it in blender,
Unfortunately I couldn’t find a way to bring back the original vertex colors in forger.

Oh ok so i don’t make a test lol. I continue with zbrush for UV ans texture export