Thoughts on game asset workflow?

Saw an older post and thought it was time for another check in.

I want to use m ipad as much as possible to make some simple game assets I can put into a packages, just props and stuff. Here are my thoughts after much experimentation:

  1. Create high poly sculpt in Nomad. Do all the things including vertex paint, etc.
  2. Use Cozyblanket to retopo, uv unwrap, and bake textures (seems to bake the textures well and the lite version looks to have everything I need and can export OBJ; I don’t want to spend $100 on the full)
  3. Import OBJ into blender so I can export mesh as FBX
  4. Package the FBX mesh and materials
  5. List on Unity and Unreal asset stores
  6. Profit…?

I think that would give me a low poly mesh with textures and a normal map to create some good looking models. Thoughts on that?

I’d need to learn how to import my models into untiy and unreal to test, haven’t done that before.

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@recklessftw did you create some assets with this workflow?

I tried UV unwrapping in Nomad and texturing with Quixel Mixer, but my topology shading is bad, also exported textures have buggy placement.

It seems like I need to include retopo and create better uv maps.