Game asset creation workflow/pipeline with Nomad Sculpt?

What’s a great game development asset creation pipeline with Nomad Sculpt?

Planning on using Nomad Sculpt for game asset creation (ie Ojbects, Characters) specifically Unity.
For character creation, I would need rigging which I plan to use Blender for.

From what I’ve read, you can’t enter measurement in Nomad Sculpt like Blender (going through the Donut tutorial mentions that measuring your asset in the beginning is a good idea)

I’m thinking something like:
Step 1 Blender (measurements, basic shaping and dimension) then export as OBJ
Step 2 Nomad (Sculpting) then export as OBJ
(Step 2.5 Procreate (Painting) then export back to either Nomad to Blender or straight to Blender)
Step 3 Blender (Rigging, Animation, Exporting) then export out
Step 4 Unity

Is this ideal or just won’t work at all?
Any advice? Is Nomad not the right tool for what I’m planning?
Thank you for any insight you guys can share.

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That’s an interesting question to discuss. I use the same workflow that you describe but I’m not a power user, so maybe exist other better ways.

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Interested in finding answers from the same question.

I would love if anyone have tried using nomad assets in games too. Like, not sculpting and importing to blender for retopology, rather, did anyone like use a nomad asset direct import into UE4 or Unity?

The geometry produced by nomad is not good for deformation and animation. In order to animate you need proper edge loops.

So my current workflow is

Blender (retopo , up, rig)
Then blender to export.

When cozyblanket comes out you could do.
Cozyblanket (retopo)
Nomad (up)
Mixamo (rig)

And never have to touch a pc. The retopo with proper Uva is the key

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I agree, the reto needs to be done for animation, however props and static meshes, I’d love to be able to create a world in nomad!