Using nomad for work

Hi, how can i monetize my use of nomad sculpt? i’m a beginner but i like using it and doing sculpting, but i can’t figure out what to use the sculpts for? and for what industry.

i’m trending towards the games industry for perhaps props/weps modeling etc. but how viable is it? And i mean by working on ipad only/exclusively.

do companies accept the export choices from nomad?

Job role: create a model from given specs > export out from a choice(?) of formats from nomad > (iterative process if ness’) > profit?:slight_smile: idk…

just looking for industry feedback i guess.

all the best.

Sculpting is usually the first step in an asset creation (usually for organic thing).

Then you’ll probably want to retopology and UV unwrap it.
If it’s a character you’ll make the rigging as well, or even morph it.
And then the texturing.

Nomad mostly focus on the sculpting part… and technically the morph part as well since it supports layers.

In a nutshell : you’ll need a computer :slight_smile:, especially if you are interested in hardsurface thing.

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As stéphane said above.

You will need a Pc or Mac to convert your work to an industry standard for computer games.
If you just want to get into 3d printing you can do a lot of the work in Nomad. But you will still need a Pc or Mac for tidying your work up and preparing for print.

I now use Blender 3d on my PC for almost everything now. There are a lot of helpful tutorials on YouTube to get you started.
Blender is free and is extremely powerful. I was using Lightwave 3d before but found that Blender is my new go to desktop program. You will be able to export your work to Blender.

But Nomad is extremely good for starting a project almost to completion. Nomad is for advanced users and beginners. :slightly_smiling_face: