What can nomad be used for?

Hello guys, I am new here because I’ve head about nomad sculpt So you can draw, create or shape 3D things, and I found it interesting app, I could find a lot of toturials on youtube, But still i’ve a big wondering wich is what after using this app and creating a lot of 3d things and this stuff where can I go with this app in online work and professional terms ?
I wish you guys get my Idea.

Quite far if you utilize the rest of the workflow with a desktop suite - like Blender. I use Nomad for my sculpting & 3D concepting at work, and Blender to get my models pipeline ready for cinematic rendering or game engines.

Check out this

Nomad Sculpt review- 5 Cool Things you can do with Nomad sculpt

3D printing: 3D printing is one of those new technology trends that’s here to stay.
Its applications range from business use to art and science, and yes, there are even people using it at home! It’s more affordable than ever before, so start thinking about what you might want to print on your own 3D printer…you never know where it will take you

3D Sculpting: A good digital 3D sculpting tool is a must for 3D modelers; so often, they’ll spend hours just trying to get things right on their 3D model.

Check out this Blog for more info…

I just checked your link page - I think you’ll find you’re misleading people. I’m becoming tired of your “look at my blog” posts that are just click bait.

Maybe particular favourite was “ Nomad Sculpt was created by the folks at Nomadbrush,” like seriously. What??

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Oh, come on… don’t be a troll.It Must be a Typo … we are Overhauling some of our blogs…
. we are checking all of them…
I am a Nomad artist. If you want, check out my Youtube channel called artmellows.

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A typo in the blog?? Of a completely fabricated company name. Lol.

I may appear to be trolling to you, but I am merely pointing out my annoyance of not seeing you on the forum for a long time, and then a bunch of posts that are “check out my blog (that contains click-thru ads).”

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??? Bezzo a troll ??? WTF??.

I don’t know you and I haven’t visited any of your links.
I am even not interested.
But I know bezzo for quite some time, always trying to directly help.
Only linking to very useful sources.
Answering any questions, even the most stupid ones.
Always polite, always gentle,….
….and you boy?
I saw some of the few answers you gave since you are active.
Most of them are wrong, or misleading.
Wacom tablet? :heart_eyes: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Such a cute nonsense.

But if you call a competent, valuable and selfless member like bezzo a troll just because he is right, I say:


Guys Chill

It’s ok… As I said we have a team of content writers that are overhauling our website… there were some mistakes done by previous content writers. It happens when you have a Big Blo site… I need to oversee all the blogs ( we have around 200+ of them… Stop trolling guys…I am a Nomad Artist/Digital artist trying to help here…


Your links are seemingly there for self promotion as well as affiliate linking (revenue driven). As Bezzo said, very click-bait.

Your articles are poorly written and have all kinds of issues all over them. This one made me chuckle:

“Top 10 Tables” :joy:

As you mentioned - you have content writers. If so, they obviously aren’t versed in Nomad (or arguably any 3D).

ha ha … Good one!
You seem to have a lot of free time mate… keep Micro searching for spell mistakes and typos…
You are a Champ!!

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Good going…


Chill my guy. Stop trolling.