3d print online sites for nomad sculpt

Hello, i’m trying to 3d print a sculpt and because i dont want to buy now a printer and all the tools needed, i would like some advises or adresse of 3D printers for delivery in France, specialised on sculpts like made with nomad sculpt. I’m trying Sculpteo now but there system is blocking my model because of a lot of little details like spikes claws etc, i have made keys for 11 separated pieces but still very difficult for this kind of automated site. Thanks in advance.

I guess it’s everywhere the same. I used shapeways and
I guess they are from Belgium.
But no matter which service, they have design guides for each material.
Minimum detail, min. wall thicknes etc. You have to obey them.
I guess there is nothing like straight from Nomad to online printing.
At least not without extra cost for observing and correcting you model.
Shapeways have a bunch of tutorials to use meshmixer i.e. to overwork your model.

Inside Nomad you could try decimation and voxel remeshing with hole filling to get rid of some problem areas.

Thanks Knacki, the model is watertight, i double check in blender too, it’s all the sculpt details that seam doesn’t feed there rules i suppose.

In Blender you can check the STL with the addon, first decimate in Nomad, and then in Blender check manifolds and export.

Thanks Josepmy, i have used the

3Dprint addon in blender to check my sculpt

Haven’t done it for a while, but didn’t shapeways shows you the specific problem areas? I could be wrong though. Didn’t print for around two years.

But you can create an account and check. Also try different materials and sizes. Could be worth to hollow your parts though.

thanks i will try shapeways

Yeah, no need to buy there. Just to check their tools. But no guarantee, sorry. Too long ago here.

ok i tried both and the result is it’s not printable, i tried different sizes but no, it’s more difficult than I imagined.

To scale to a real size in blender and check again, other thing you can try is download Chitubox or Lychee Slicer, both free, and open your model and check it for issues, maybe can help.

I will try those two softvare, thank for your help. I see a big difference betwin youtubers showing sla 6k or 8k printers for individual buyers that are more good for sculptors needs than the online tech that is more for CAD clients. Maybe i’m wrong but looking at the exemples of product they print, it’s more CAD needs.

Yes, is more CAD or prototypes. About 6K or 8K, I own a Mars Pro 2 that is 2K, if you detail your model and tune fine your printer I’m sure you will get an amazing printed model, even on 2K. It’s like the TV, you can own a 5K TV but if you don’t have content at 5K you still watch at HD. With printed minis is the same, you must find the balance between detail versus model size and your machine, as personal use speaking.
If you plan to buy a printer 4K now is cheap, if you want a long term then go for 6K or 8K. If you want to print for yourself as a hobby with 2K or 4K is enough, but if you want production for sale then imho contact with a company specialized with miniatures, is better to create a silicon mold and cast from a master mold.

This guy Login • Instagram cast production from your models.

Josepmy, thanks for the details and the link

Not to forget the smell and the toxic ingredients you have to have at home. Specially when sanding resin, I developed allergic reactions very quickly. Ok, it was a 1/24 car body with much more surface than miniature, anyway those stuff needs some protection and careful work when doing it by your own.
Just as a reminder. Desktop printer is misleading in my opinion. It should be “ very well ventilated cellar printer” imho.
My wife already went crazy when I used two component glue. Maybe in my case it’s a “ printer standing on desktop in very well ventilated neighbours cellar” :laughing:

On the other hand, my prints were delivered in silver, in aged silver, in gold plated brass and in porcelain. Each for around 50€. Hard to do at home. Anyway, I still would love to have a printer. Well my kid side of being. It’s so cool just to imagine. But imagination don’t have to clean the printer :laughing:

Totally agree, resin printers aren’t a toy and we take it very seriously, my printer is in a room with a direct window and air purifier and nobody enters into it when is working, plus a painter mask, gloves, clean workspace… safety first.

Thanks a lot guys for all your informations and experiences.

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