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Thought I’d create a thread to share my stuff.

Was working on this in between working on the steampunk rifle. Started out as me trying to sculpt a face, turned out really bad so thought I’d work with simpler shapes. Ended up modeling Kroenen from Hellboy.


Nice sculpt. :+1:t2:

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Third sculpt. Wanted to create ‘Old Man Bruce’, but think I might have ended up with ‘Hobo wearing Halloween costume at the dentist’. So we learn on our Nomad journey.


Looking good. The eyes definitely seem too high. Maybe lower them down a little bit. Also he needs some lips. Use a mirror and pull faces in it. It will help.

Just a quick rough example. :+1:t2:


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Thanks @Adam. Ah yes, I see what you mean! Thanks for the tips

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A new creation.


Impression, i like the clean render.

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Very cool!

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Hi all,

Not posted anything for a while, life gets in the way sometimes.
My goal with learning Nomad was always to model stuff that I would like to print and paint, so that I could justify buying a printer. Took the leap and bought a resin printer this month. Printed my Kroenen model and created a base for it in Nomad.

Below is the printed and painted result, hope you enjoy.



Great print!:+1:t2:

Which resin printer did you choose?

Thanks Adam. Ended up getting the Anycubic Photon Mono SE. For now other reason than it being on sale. I am pretty pleased with it, only one failed print so far and was really suprised at the resolution

Hi Trashcanman

the printed/painted sculpt looks great, do you have photos of it before you painted it? I didn’t even know one could get such amazing results with printing at home!

Hi Scully,

Here are some pics of the bust still on supports post wash and of the cured base. The print resolution is great but you do still get layering, see the zoomed pic. I’m pretty new to this but I think you can get desktop printers now that produce even better quality. The model I have is a beginners one.


Wow! thank you for the pics I appreciate the effort! the detail is really stunning for a “beginner” printer. This must really motivate you to push your sculpting and see what next you can do! Your final painted pieces is just gorgeous. looking forward to see your next project!!

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I also noticed the layering when I zoomed in the first image (top of the head).
I’ve never been much interested in 3d print but I must admit the quality is impressing. The painting probably adds a lot as well.

The (entry-level) price of 3d printer is much lower than what I originally thought.

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On the next print try the anti-aliasing and 0.025mm layer height.
Very impressive sculpt and painted model, congrats.

Yeah, I was surprised at the cost as well. I was keeping my eye on it for a couple of years now, so when I saw the machine I got on sale I thought I’d go for it. The process of working with resin and everything around it is pretty horrible however

Thanks very much and thanks for the tips, will try it with my next print

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Very nice work!

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Here are some quick and dirty renders of my latest model I’m working on to print and paint. Some pics of test prints as well.