Custom Sculpt on Nomad Sculpt $$

Hi Have done several commission artworks purely made out of nomad sculpt . Here is few of them . It’s so much more than just an app .
Obviously I have 3D printed them and painted them.


Yeah great sculpts and work. I’ve seen and follow your YouTube channel Artmellows I think? Also watched a couple of your shorts packing your finished models up to ship off. Your 3d prints come out great. You have to be skilled in a lot of areas not just sculpting but getting the prints and spray painting right. I hope to do something similar in the future but the chemical process of printing concerns me at the moment. Printing out your work must be a great feeling. :+1:t4:

Thanks! Thank for following .

Yes ! Printing own works is great . Seeing it in physical form . :heart::heart:

I am learning as I do more commissions .

looks great :smile: