My second digital sculpt ever - my little monster!

Hi all,

I’m brand new to this forum and the world of digital sculpting, in fact I’ve just started 3 days ago! I’ve started sculpting this sketch the other day in a couple hours to test the different tools and I have to say, this app is incredible. I feel like it’s a great way to sculpt on the go but especially ease yourself into this universe that can get pretty overwhelming for newbies.

P.S. I’m only interested in 3D printing rather than rendering digitally, so colours were not much of a concern… gotta love that raw hot dog look haha!


Very nice work! You must have been sculpting with real clay in the past as your work shows impressive sculpting skill for someone new to digital sculpting.

Also if you 3D print your Nomad work don’t forget to show the results. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:t2:

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Thank you! I did have quite limited experience with polymer clay, but I have to say this is so much easier! I actually picked Nomad up because I was hoping it could complement my traditional work, which it did. I hope to get to a point when I’m fast enough to brainstorm digitally and make larger traditional sculptures.

My first printer is on the way, I’m a complete newbie so I expect many hours of failures before I can get even close to printing something I made haha but once I do I definitely will post here :smiley:


That looks great! You don’t look like you just started 3 days ago. Keep up the good work.

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Well you’re off to a fast start. Nomad is the best way to learn digital sculpting. It’s not over complicated which makes it quicker to learn than Zbrush and Blender. :+1:t2:

Which type of printer will you be using. FDM or Resin?

Thank you! I think I picked an easy subject, I’ve spent years looking at my dog haha!

A resin one! I’m expecting an extremely steep learning curve which I hope will be rewarding at some point, fingers crossed

Nice dog, nice plans. Keep in mind to use existing 3D printing online offers as well. You have an enormous range of materials to choose.
I printed:
One ring in silver
One ring in antik silver
An elephant vase in porcelain
A tiny cat in brass and gold plated

All were around 50€ each. Nothing compared to production process.
Just as a reminder. I used imaterialise, shapeways and melt Werk for SLS prints.

Thanks for the advice, but I really want to learn the process of printing :slight_smile:

You’ll love resin printing. Just keep safety glasses and gloves on when working with the printer-Always!
I’ve gone from resin printing to casting metal and then here to Nomad. My Nomad skills have a lot of catching up!
Nice work by the way!

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Sure, one thing is not excluding the other.

Good printers are really affordable nowadays.
But print in wax, make a mould, burn out the wax, cast with silver, make silver antique……I was really surprised about the price.

Having your own printer to see things before is gold itself though. Wish you a lot of fun. Don’t forget to post.

These YouTube channels I find interesting and helpful with 3D resin printing and other interests:

Uncle Jessy
Mighty Jabba’s Collection
3D Printing Nerd

Very nice proportions and details

That’s true, it’s nice to know there are so many possibilities to print, and one day it would be really cool to have something in brass or porcelain! But yeah I also feel like being able to print and prepare the files for printing is a really good asset :slight_smile: And then I can make my own army of beagles haha!

Thank you very much :smiley:

Thank you, I know almost all of them, they really do a service to anyone starting out!

All of my safety equipment is on the way too :wink: Casting metal also sounds like a lot of fun! Too bad I live in a small apartment, I’d like to learn that too someday. And thanks! I also have A LOT of catching up to do, but we’ll get there :smiley: