I’ve never sculpted in my life but this app makes me want to learn

I do have experience in the photography and video. But not sculpture.

Any input you have for a newbie would be appreciated.

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There is a channel on youtube called Southern GFX that’s focused on digital sculpting,
I think this was his first video for Nomad:

Once you’ve got familiar with the interface it’s just a case of playing around and getting a feel for the brushes; the more you practice the easier it gets. I’m no expert at sculpting (I’m a Graphic Designer that likes 3D) but that’s my take on it I reckon.

I am the same. Photo and video experience. In addition to web design and development, I write music as well… Sculpting and 3D in general is very interesting and with Nomad… I believe this adventure will finally happen. Hopefully will be able topost my first sculpt in the next few days.

That’s great. I think for newcomers, tablets have a natural advantage over PCs for sculpting, and Nomad really makes extra good use of it too.

My (very general) tip would to model closely to reference pictures in the beginning, mostly as a challenge to avoid doing the “easy” things over and over again until the “harder” things appear too diffictult to achieve.

I would say play with the sculpt tools and learn which each brush/tool is capable of. Start with the preloaded sphere and try each tool out. Try sculpting an ear or a mouth on the sphere.

You don’t have to wait for Nomad YouTube tutorials. You can learn sculpting techniques from Zbrush and Blender tutorials. Some of the basic techniques will transfer across to Nomad.

Just play around with the different functions and just start of with something simple. It won’t take long to learn the basics.


As soon as someone brings retopology-minded software to the tablet market, the Maya/ZBrush dominance will slide to a screeching halt.

This person has some good run downs of the UI and tools too. Between it and SouthernGFX quite a bit of the basics and more are covered. Since Nomad seems to be rapidly updated (thanks!) you might see small differences or additional options or tools.

I thought this one was pretty good to get you up and running using simple shapes to model an organic character