Please creative minds

I’m completely new to 3D sculpting and I’m curious to have some friends to leads through how to go about the beginners step-by-step tutorial, I would be grateful if that person is you! I’ve tried tutorials on YouTube, I think it’s too complicated, because it seem to be for little more advanced people than I do.
Kindly reply me please.

Not sure if you’ve come across SouthernGFX on Youtube, if you haven’t then perhaps give his tutorials a try. Like you I was new to all of it, not just Nomad but 3d in general, and his tutorials got me started.

Best is to start without fear!
Make a simple object like an apple.
Deform the sphere with the move brush.
Make the hole for the branch with the pinch brush.
Add a branch with the tube tool.
Subdivide the sphere and paint it with the paint brush.
Have fun!

Some free information:

Nomad itself!
Beside a lot of commands you’ll see a question mark. Tap on that “?” and you’ll get short information what this command will execute.

The manual!
A lot of effort was put in this excellent manual. The development is very fast, so not everything is up to date, but you’ll have this issue anywhere.

Small Robot Studio by Erica Casab.

She started to post Nomad videos seven month ago, explaining a single tool in one video. This will give you lots of background information.

And sculpt, sculpt, sculpt!
It’s fun!

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Good advice from Knacki and Trashcanman. :+1:t2:
My best advice is to use the preloaded sphere and test what each tool can do. Just play around and start simple.

Here is a page of postings from community members about starting to sculpt. Just click on the title in the box below to go there. :slightly_smiling_face: