Tutorial for complete beginner?


I’m completely new to 3D sculpting and I’m curious if any of you know about some beginner friendly and step-by-step tutorial, I would be grateful!
I’ve tried tutorials on YouTube, but they seem to be for little more advanced people and I can’t really follow them.

Thank you :pray:


You may want to try this. It steps through almost all of the features on Nomad Sculpt then presents a walk-through of creating a character. It does cost $27US but I’m feeling it’s quite worth it.


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This is an app that you can learn by going through the tools and seeing what they do. Watch zbrush videos for sculpting techniques as the skills are generally the same. I wouldn’t pay 27$ for a tutorial though, as that seems a bit steep.

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The web manual is far from a step-by-step tutorial but in case you missed it:
(It also links to some community youtube tutorials)

The tutorial isn’t simply a single video. Every menu category has at least one video on it in addition to advice on using the tools in a project. Search for SouthernGFX on YouTube where some of the videos are openly available b

I think the first question would be more towards what are you trying to create? Where are you coming at this program from? You’ve stated that you’re new to 3D sculpting, but do you have a lot of 2d experience to draw from (bad pun intended…:blush:)?

As you’ve already found the forum, you can see that just about any question that you have can likely be answered right here without the need to pay for any tutorials. And it would be tailored specifically to the project that you’re trying to create. Plus, the actual creator is here and quite active. You rarely see that anywhere.

My recommendation would be just to have fun to start. Test out the tools to see what they do. Sometimes the “happy little accidents” can teach you quite a bit about what the program can do for you. For the most part, you’ll only be using a few tools for 90+ percent of your time sculpting. Start by turning on the dynamic topology so you’re mostly focused on just sculpting and having fun at the beginning. Use the Brush (or Clay) tool to build out what you’re trying to create. The Move tool can make large or small adjustments to put things into place. And then the Smooth tool to smooth out little areas. The rest of the tools are likely going to be used when refining what you’ve already done and can be figured out when you get to that point.

There are no right or wrong ways to use Nomad, so just go wild. Just my two cents anyway.


I understand that the price is for a course of instruction. I still feel that this is an app that can be picked up easily & experimented with. Once you know the capabilities of the tools then you can start to watch sculpting videos for any software (Zbrush / Blender etc) and pick up the methods required to achieve a result. There are literally no hidden features to this app & Stephane has endeavoured to create a clean interface that allows you to work through the tools without even clicking on the sub-menus until you understand what you’re doing. It’s not so difficult that you need to study in order to get results.

I’ve been fiddling with Nomad for about a week and getting some results just using youtube tutorials. I have absolutely zero digital art making experience but I am a traditional media sculptor. I love the app’s simple interface and I think it would be totally possible to build up skills just using free videos and lots of experimentations as others have suggested.

That being said, I am signing up for the Southerngfx class anyways. I don’t even have any interest in character type sculpting which seems to be the focus of the class (and most youtube tutorials). I’m mostly interested in modifying 3D scans and using Nomad to streamline my mold making and casting process. I am signing up for a few reasons: I do well with structure, I want to get good fast, and I have no digital art making experience and can get overwhelmed with new tech and I want to make sure I get comfortable enough with working digitally where it becomes a natural part of my process. Lastly, the videos I have seen from Southerngfx have been very high quality and I’m down with supporting quality content creators.

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I’d normally agree on paying for a tutorial, but I bought it as well, and am more than happy with it. It’s a good tutorial on the app, but also a great general sculpting lesson too. Worth the cash IMO.

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Small Robot Studio has free tutorials on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/smallrobotstudio
There’s videos explaining tools as well as step by step sculpts. Hope this helps :slight_smile:


You will not go wrong with doing the course from Southerngfx. I’ve learned the whole app within days. https://southerngfx-limited.mykajabi.com/

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Check out this, it’s basic and free :slight_smile:

A Comprehensive Guide to learn Nomad 3d Sculpting- A beginners Guide here is the link for [Nomad Beginners guide eBOOK..]