Noob help / tutorials

Hello all I’m new to sculpting / 3D art in general and have only been able to make basic cartoon face - type projects. Very basic.

Can someone point me to good YouTube channels or websites that teach sculpting basics / character design in nomad sculpt etc. and easy to understand & follow along with?

The only ones I know of are Dave reed or small robot studios but theyre kind of hard to actually get into and follow along if that makes sense. I find myself being distracted or get bored easily .

Any help appreciated thanks

I’m sorry, but it doesn’t get any easier and slower than the Dave Reed tutorials. If you can’t cope with it, you won’t find any tutorials on Youtube.

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As a headnote: the approach to sculpting something isnt limited to one medium or program so you might rather check into photo tutorials searching-functions-by-demand rather than full videotutorials, or just speedsculpts/timelapse to get a fast visual on how other people start out and work on their sculpts.

My suggestions:

  1. start simple. We all have big plans but in order to get into something we need to restrain ourselves and go for something that is doable.

  2. start with an idea in mind, randomly sculpting something is fun to get a bit of a feel for it but most of us will prepare something like references ahead.
    Lemme give you a quick visual sample as to one approach:
    (not mine this is in fact for zbrush core)

    ZBrush Core Mini: Sculpting Tutorial - Original Prusa 3D Printers

  3. start very rough& lowres to block out shapes then amp up your details. For more complex figures we often start by blocking out a basic shape of the body/form and then pose it rather than starting it off posed and detailed.

  4. what do you want to sculpt ultimately. The approach to these might be quite different depending on what your future plans with them are: for instance something you wish to print? or something you want to animate? Or a highlevel render image? Or just something you might want to use as reference for drawn art? What kind of style?

  5. look for tools by demand. These programms have a lot of functions so even the shortest tutorials might show a lot of functions you might not need (yet) because they wish to help a lot of people with different needs. Narrowing it down to what you look for more specifically will cut down the amount of what is being covered in a tutorial! (also check for timestamps in videos to skip to sektions you might be more interessted in)

(To get back to point 4 i have no idea what you want to sculpt but if you want nice short tips on characterdesign in general i can recommend checking out: The Etherington Brothers (@etheringtonbrothers) • Instagram photos and videos )
I hope that helps for a start